HOW to enjoy an auto show?

Tools: a ticket, a pair of sunglasses ,a camera(cell phone is also ok), a recharger and don’t forget to take a selfie-stick if you have an online celebrity face and if possible, also a binocular.

In this year’s auto show, some black horses made a strong presence while traditional automobile powers are looking for innovations with a level head.

Let’s look at some light spots:
  • Motor show girl NOT ALLOWED?? Well, we have super stars!It’s said that GD was paid 18 million RMB for only 3 minutes of standing on the show. It means he earned 90,000 every second….
  • Where are the motor show girls? They are still here as anchors of personal live show APPs. It is not hard to find them, the ones that are walking around with dedicate make-ups and selfie-sticks, acting like they are talking to the air, yes,that’s them.Recharger is a must obviously, you know iPhone, they are pretty, but they need feed quite often.
  • Global limited edition, only 10 in the entire world and one of them showed up here,with a 12 million RMB price tagOf course no need to worry about its sale in Beijing-the “imperial capital” full of magnates. Guess what? It has already been booked, such a pity, I was planning to get my hand on it… but forget about that!Mr. Tuhao! don’t you need a BFF?!!
  • New energy vehicles forced an entrance into marketAs a result of vigorously promotion by government, researches and developments of new energy vehicles are in full swing. It would be such an embarrassment for automakers to say they are in the show without a new energy vehicles in exhibition.
  • The concept of Internet car and autopilot is and will still be a CONCEPT.Leshi, the TV seller, puts a car model on stage, not showing its interior or control system, and tells everyone this“little cute baby car” can steer all by itself. Lord, that’s a scene so hard to save even its partner is ASTON MARTINPlease tell me who is dreaming,Leshi or me?I quickly turned round and looked at the super TV nearby to steady my nerves.
  • Why I advise you to bring binocularsBecause this is the whole scene
  • P. S. it is said that police “uncles” caught averagely 6 passels of pocket pickers every day, so watch your pocket.

This is probably the most contradictory Beijing auto show as the auto market in China is in its most complicated state.

On one hand, as the economy slows down, the overall market trend is worse than expected earlier,which generates hesitation.

On the other hand,light spots in certain areas such as the bright future of new energy vehicles and the fast growth of SUV are quite encouraging.

But the most important thing is that the automotive industry has reached a place where it has to embark a path of changing and transforming. While the conventional forces are still looking carefully for the best time to act, new barbarians are sweeping into the market with a reckless impetus.

(Source: Tell you HOW)

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