Innovation &Win-win Negotiation with Global Companies

The First Edition of Business Culture Exchange Forum & Exhibition for Developing Countries along the One Belt, One Road was held in Wuhan Hilton hotel on the 30th November 2016. The summit was jointly organized by Wuhan Service Trade Association, Liaison Office of China-Africa Chamber of Industry and Commerce and Wuhan Izandu Trading Co., Ltd. Representatives of more than 20 foreign companies and 50 foreign individuals from over 40 countries, as well as over 30 Chinese companies and organizations, attended the conference, shaking hands for the sake of new trend of global trading which opens the door to further international cooperation.


Capturing Potential Global Business Opportunities

 During the seminar, representatives from seven different countries and regions introduced the local culture and business opportunities, providing their own understandings on creativity, opening-up and win-win cooperation.

Representative of Cango(Kinshasa)

“Please be on time, never ask the race of partner and no discussion about civil war.”

Fabrice Wenzem,business manager of AGB Sarl company, was the first person to give a speech. He briefly introduced about Central Africa and its commercial environment along with detailed information about business etiquette in Cango(Kinshasa). Because he believes that to achieve business success, it is essential to accept culture differences and integrate with local environment.

Representatives of Pakistan

After that Nimra Hameed and Umar Muhanmmad who are the project leaders of “INDORA SHOES&SALT&STONE”from Pakistan shared their ideas and products telling “ INDORA SHOES, are sweat-proof, inching-proof and anti-bacterial infection, gain great popularity in local market featured with bright color and bold design.” Meanwhile, the company also introduced a hand drawn cartoon figures and embroidery patterns to provide consumers with more choices. They also introduced bout unique structured lamps made up of local salt and stones that can treat diseases like asthma. The project leader focus on UE (user experience) and has put it as the direction of future efforts.

Representative of Bangladesh

“Using local resources” has become an unwritten rule for foreign companies to develop overseas, such as pharmaceuticals in Bangladesh, wood in Congo (Kinshasa) and agricultural development of Haiti and Bahamas. The business manager of Bangladesh Dream – Tec Pharma Company set medicinal materials as a key development and work out a series of careful development plan after fully studied its own domestic exports situation.

Representative of Congo (Kinshasa)

Representative of Congo (Kinshasa) told that her company Women Zai Yi Qi Sarl does all kinds of exports and imports, produce furniture and transport wood and promote all kinds of governmental and non-governmental investments.

Representative of Haiti & The Bahamas

Luanettee Colebrooke (The Bahamas0 & Jean Roodelin ( Haiti) focussed on issues of environmental pollution and resource wasting. He introduced to utilize the organic wastage to make fertilizers, so as to keep the environment clean, utilize resource and gain benefit by selling the fertilizer in his country.

Representative of Nepal

Representative of Nepal Mr. Diwakar K C discussed about the business opportunities in his country. He mentioned that his country has hydropower potential of 150000 MW and production till now is 1200 MW and the county is suffering from acute energy crisis therefore investment on Hydropower production in his county is very lucrative as there is high demand of Electricity in South Asia. He also discussed provision and government policy to produce 10,000 MW of hydroelectricity in next 10 years. Mr K C, told that the investors have very good opportunities in Cement, Iron processing, Tourism and electronic and electrical appliances manufacturing Companies.

Representative of Sudan

Wax Fashion Show by Asbl Company

What’s more, project leaders from Sudan, and Belgium all introduced their domestic commercial environment. Wax Fashion Show Asbl of Belgium did fashion show where three models took part. They not only their showed their confidence and vigor but also presented the company’s concept of “joy”.

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